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The scoresheets once again contain percentiles for the MBE sub-scores (this information used to be included on score reports but was removed just prior to NCBE's introduction of Civil Procedure to the MBE). These percentiles tell you how many examinees you did better than nationally for each MBE subject and overall. For example, if your %tile on the February 2017 exam was 19.7 for Civil Procedure, it means that you scored better than only 19.7% of examinees nationwide on the 25 graded Civil Procedure MBE questions (out of about 23,000 February 2017 examinees). What these percentiles don't tell you are your raw scores (e.g. that you answered 13/25 of the Civil Procedure MBE questions correctly, meaning 52% correct for Civil Procedure). With this information, you can correlate your exam MBE scores to your practice MBE scores (e.g. if you were getting 70% correct on Civil Procedure questions in practice but 50% correct on the exam, you should find a better source of Civil Procedure MBE practice questions). If you complete the below Primary Information and Subscore Information sections, I will send you a short report telling you your raw MBE scores. All information submitted is always treated confidentially.

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If you have any questions, please email me at joe@seperac.com