As of December 2018, as far as I am aware, the NY bar exam has never been cancelled or delayed due to inclement weather (or other events such as power failures). The closest NYBOLE may have come to cancelling or delaying the exam was in February 2010. The following weather alert was posted on the NY BOLE website on 2/23/10 (between Day 1 and Day 2 of the NY bar exam:

Weather Alert: The potential for significant snow is forecasted for tonight in Albany. Be advised that despite the forecast the bar exam will proceed as scheduled on Wednesday, February 24. Candidates and proctors are encouraged to allow extra time to arrive at the test sites on time for Wednesday.

I was curious as to what NY BOLE based their decision on to determine if there may ever be an instance where the exam could be postponed at certain locations due to the weather. Here was the forecast for Albany, NY for Wednesday (Day 2):



Here was the hourly forecast for Albany, NY for Wednesday (Day 2):






Here was the hour by hour weather for Wednesday (Day 2) in Albany:



Here was the the accumulation of snow between Day 1 and Day 2 in Albany:



While NY BOLE has postponed the bar exam in the past for certain examinees due to religious reasons, the weather conditions clearly need to be more severe than the above for NY BOLE to postpone the exam for weather at certain locations.


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