New York Bar Exam Score Calculator

The following calculator will calculate the total score for the February 2008 New York bar exam administration based on the scale scores you enter. A total score of 665 is required to pass the New York bar exam. Please note the calculator is a work in progress and only provides an estimate of your final score. The accuracy of the calculator diminishes with very high or very low scores. The calculated NYMC Scale Score is also an estimate.

According to the New York State Board of Law Examiners, the answers to the five essay questions and the MPT are each graded in accordance with a predetermined marking formula, and the grades attained by the applicant on the respective questions are the raw essay scores. The total number of questions answered correctly by an applicant on the 50 New York multiple choice questions is the raw score for that portion, and the number of questions answered correctly on the MBE questions is the applicant's raw score for the MBE portion. Through psychometrically approved scaling procedures based on the MBE scale, the raw scores on each portion of the examination are converted to scaled scores on a common scale of 0 to 1000, and the three scaled scores are then weighted and combined to yield total weighted scaled scores on the same 0 to 1000 scale.

Since the essays are scaled based on the MBE scale, the lower your Essays/MPT written average score, the higher the scale. For example, a February 2008 Essays/MPT written average score of 50 resulted in a scale factor of 1.3171 while a written average of 30 resulted in a scale factor of 1.4247. This scale factor is reported in the last row of the calculator in the Common Scale Score column.

There is a graphical breakdown of your score to help you identify your weak areas (In the exam, the Essays are 40%, MPT 10%, NYMC 10%, and the MBE is 40%). In addition, the default scores on the calculator are based on the average scores of all the grading sheets submitted to me for this administration. Since you only receive a grading sheet if you fail, these averages represent the score averages for those who failed the exam and submitted their grading sheet information to me.

Note to re-takers: With more grading sheet information, I can continue to increase the precision of these calculators while also reporting the scoring averages and other information. It would be greatly appreciated if you could email me your past grading sheets or their contents so that I can improve the calculators. Alternatively, you can submit your previous bar exam scores to me electronically by completing the following online form. All information submitted will be treated confidentially.

  February 2008 New York Bar Exam   Graphical Score Breakdown  
  ESSAY 1     0.08    
  ESSAY 2     0.08     ESSAYS  
  ESSAY 3     0.08     MPT  
  ESSAY 4     0.08     NYMC  
  ESSAY 5     0.08     MBE  
  MPT     0.1      
  WRITTEN AVG        
  NYMC     0.1    
  MBE     0.4    

Exam Q # Main Question Sub Question
Feb-08 1 Contracts Corporations
Feb-08 2 Criminal Law  
Feb-08 3 Domestic Relations  
Feb-08 4 Torts NY Practice/Professional Responsibility
Feb-08 5 Wills  
Feb-08 MPT In re Lisa Peel Draft a memorandum.


According to the New York State Board of Law Examiners, the essay and MPT answers of each applicant who receives an initial total weighted scaled score of 655 through 664 are re-read and re-graded by graders other than the initial graders. The two scaled scores for each essay answer are averaged to determine a final scaled score for each essay. The examination scores are then recomputed to determine each applicant's final scaled score. There is no appeal from this final score. There is no passing or failing on any one portion of the examination. Thus, a poor performance on one section of the examination may be offset by a superior performance on another section. Passing or failing is determined only on the basis of the applicant's total weighted scaled score.

If you have any additional questions or comments, or if you are kind enough to email me a copy of your grading sheet, please email me at

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